Hi, John Downes here, founder of the PFLMethod.

I help Chiropractors discover a global approach to assessing and managing their patients and a pathway to a non-pain driven paradigm that patients can clearly understand and feel. Click here to register for your free videos now.

Have you ever had those patients that just didn’t seem to respond the way you expected and/or their continued complaints of symptoms started wearing you down as much as it is wearing the patients resolve down?

Me too, I found myself determining my abilities by patient response rather than a true sense that I had identified the source of their problem.

So my frustrations sent me down a path of searching for findings I could relate to and a process that made sense to me .

What I discovered were signs and symptoms that probably every one of my former patients may have had, but I didn’t realize what to look for or what it meant or what I needed to do to resolve them. Click here to register for your free videos now.

I had presumed that some people just weren’t going to respond to my care, but now I have found the criteria that makes sense and the difference.

The solution for me is what the PFLMethod presents; a language, logic, and assessment method for clinical management that allowed me to integrate my findings into an optimizing equation for each individual patient. Click here to register for your free videos now.

By grasping the concepts I have developed in global thinking, identifying asymptomatic neurological deficits, and keenly observing how the body adapts for improvement or dysfunction, you can rock your results and engage your patients at an entirely new level…. a performance level.

I have created a series of four short ( 20-30 minutes each) videos, that will lay down the foundations for global thinking, and give you tools and insights into identifying and resolving resistant patterns that most people don’t even see.

There is no obligation…. These are free.  Use them!

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