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Our advanced, multimedia format lets you control your learning experience so you can pace and review material as you desire.  It is designed for “computer novices” not just for the “computer savvy”.  Let’s be real though, you got this far in turning on the computer and got to the page, so whether you know it or not, you’re somewhat savvy!

The videos are synchronized with each module’s PowerPoint slides, which allows you to focus on the medium you prefer.  Also, interactive tests are scored online for quick CE credits and/or credits towards your certification as a Performance For Life™ Provider. There is a link to download all of your course materials which are included in your fee, as well as articles and research papers that support the information you are being taught.

Our goal is to make this experience easy and allow you to optimize your online learning experience.  We appreciate your feedback whether you click the register here button now or are willing to share your reason for passing us by.

We encourage you to read through the F.A.Q. regarding the basic requirements of your computer set up, then move forward and expose yourself to an exceptional assessment protocol and hopefully your best academic online learning experience to date.