Get Ready

to question why you adjust what you adjust

Get Ready

to use what you know in a whole new RADICALLY DIFFERENT way

Get Ready


You’ve seen it time and again – you work with a patient, correct a problem, and the same problem returns, doesn’t completely resolve, or another one pops up.  Across the board it happens, from housewives to world class hurdlers, from high school footballers to Olympians, from professional athletes to weekend warriors.

It’s time for a new way of thinking about the communication between form and function. Performance For Life Method™ goes far beyond searching for (let’s be honest – chasing) the pain point, it is a new and unique way to assess what is going on with your patient…and engage your patient in the process.   It gives you a new way to apply a global thinking method and chiropractic to reset the central nervous system and correct the communication pathways.  It’s unlike anything used in patient management…until now!

We’ve all seen faulty patterns for years and sometimes they change, but do we really have an explanation that describes what we found, what we do, and what we expect as an outcome?


by using the  Performance For Life Method™, you will not only have the tool to identify them quickly and easily …deceptively easily. (Like all discovery, it will be like seeing what you’ve seen before but THINKING something totally different!)


you’ll be able to correct them…. and both you and your patient will know that you have corrected them.

Dr. John Downes, the developer of the Performance For Life Method™, has used his method over and over again to help world class athletes improve their times, their capabilities…and their lives! Fellow clinicians the world over have been amazed by PFLM™ and have validated and been blown away by the results, the changes, the long-term fix and the increased performance of their patients.


Dr. John Downes has created an online, certification program to train qualified professionals so that you and your patients can benefit from this non-invasive method of assessment and patient management.


You can learn to use this assessment and show your patients very plainly that these imbalances exist and how their bodies are accommodating to work around the dysfunctions.


You can lay the foundation for a new, non-pain driven paradigm for both your patients and for yourself.

The assessment findings and protocols of the Performance For Life Method™

  • clearly dictate your understanding and approach to the case
  • are based in science
  • are plainly evidenced by reproducible neurological indicators
  • are driven by body function and performance not pain patterns or limitations

If you can’t find it, you can’t fix it.

Whether your patient is an elite athlete or a patient where “life” is their athletic event, the Performance For Life Method™ will provide you with a new global approach to assessment, it may change the way you use chiropractic, it will improve your care results and move the patient away from a pain driven paradigm into one of optimal performance.

Are you ready to explore a new integration of biomechanics, neuromechanics and chiropractic?

Are you ready for a whole new level of patient management?

If yes, you’re ready for