John W. Downes, DC

University Positions
Life University, Marietta, Georgia

Executive Director, International Affairs
Executive Director, Sport Science Institute
Director, Sport Science Institute
Director, International Programs
Director, Alumni and
Continuing Education
Dean, College of Chiropractic
Professor, Sport Health Science
Instructor, Sport Health Science
Director of Sports Chiropractic
Post Graduate Faculty
Team Chiropractor
Athletic Department
Instructor, College of Chiropractic
Department Head, Technique

Association with Athletic Teams – Countries

Association of Volleyball Professionals                            USA
Central American and Caribbean Games                        Guatemala
Central American Games                                             Guatemala
Pre-competition care of athletes                                    Guatemala
Chinese Olympic Gymnastic Team                                 Beijing
International Programs (Sports Chiropractic)
Olympic Team Chiropractor                                          Costa Rica
Central American and National Games                           Costa Rica
Pan American Games, Winnipeg                                    Guatemala
Georgia Force Arena Football                                         Atlanta, GA
AVP (Professional Beach Volleyball series)                       Atlanta, GA
USATF indoors                                                             Atlanta, GA
Pan American Games                                                   Winnipeg, Manitoba
The Finish Swim Team                                                 Sydney
Tim Dwight of the Atlanta Falcons
Domonique Foxworth of the Atlanta Falcons
Evander Holyfield
Steve Smith of the Atlanta Hawks
Steve Finley of the Arizona Diamondbacks
USA Rugby candidates assessed at Life University
International teams in the 1995 International Invitational at Life University

Honors and Professional Recognition

Fellow of the International Chiropractors Association
Invited Lectures (please see presentations section)
President’s Circle (Life University)
Licensure (Florida , Virginia) Georgia (2595)
Editorial Advisory Board, Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies
Manuscript review committee, Journal of Chiropractic Education

Professional Organizations & Services

United States Sports Chiropractic Federation (Board Member / President)
Council on Extremity Adjusting (Board Member)
ICA Council on Fitness and Sport Health Science
Georgia Council of Chiropractic
World Federation of Chiropractic (organizing cmte 2003 symposium)
Federation of International Sports Chiropractic
International Alliance of Healthcare Educators
American Public Health Association

Presentations, Publications

Downes, JW (2006) The assessment for and application of Chiropractic in athletic performance, training, and injury recover. Beijing Sport Science Association, Beijing, P.R.C. September 23-25.

Downes, JW (2006). Kinetic chain rehabilitation and peak performance training. 14thICA symposium on Natural Fitness, Columbus, OH, March 3. (presentation)

Downes, JW (2005). Biomechanics of the lower extremity and precipitation of low back pain. Jefferson Medical University Symposium on Pain, Philadelphia, September 28th – October 1st. (workshop and presentation)

Downes, JW (2004) Hyperpronation and reciprocal limb syndrome as precipitators of low back and pelvic pain. Multidisciplinary Approaches to Low Back and Pelvic Pain Conference, IAHE, Tampa, FL June 10-13. (lecture)

Downes, JW (2003) Hyperpronation and reciprocal limb syndrome as precipitators of low back and pelvic pain. Multidisciplinary Approaches to Low Back and Pelvic Pain Conference, Dublin, Ireland, October 23-25. (lecture)

Downes, JW (2002). Hyperpronation and reciprocal limb syndrome as precipitators of low back and pelvic pain. Multidisciplinary Approaches to Low Back and Pelvic Pain Conference, Seattle, WA, October 18-20. (lecture)

Downes, JW (2002). The Master’s Athlete: Defying Aging. Topics in Clinical Chiropractic, 9(2), June. (paper)

Downes, JW. (2002) Sports Chiropractic, Chinese Olympic Gymnastics Association. Bejing, China, April 20-29. (presentation and care of gymnasts)

Downes, JW, Lacaze JJ, Ward D (2002). Global assessment of neuromusculoskeletal pain syndromes and dysfunction, National Institutes of Health / Complimentary and Alternative Medicine, Grand Rounds, MD, June 28. (presentation)

Downes, JW (2000-present). Global Extremity Assessment, Council on Extremity Adjusting series module. (locations and dates, please request lecture schedule)

Downes, JW (2002). Integrated Extremity Management. GCC Fall Convention. Calloway Gardens, GA, September 27-28.

Downes, JW (2001). Global Assessment, Anglo-European Chiropractic College, Bournemouth, UK, December 5.

Downes, JW (2000). The vertebral subluxation and its effect on athletic performance, ICA Lisbon 2000 Symposium, Lisbon, Portugal, November 17-19.

Downes, JW (2001). Proprioceptive Deficit in the Geriatric Athlete, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Summer symposium, pre-conference. Chicago,IL, July13.

Downes, JW (2001). The subluxation and peak performance, ICA Diamond Jubilee, Reston, VA, June 8-10.

Downes, JW (1997,8,9,2000,1). Sports Chiropractic, Symposium on Sport and Physical Fitness, University of Costa Rica.

Downes, JW (2000) Prevention of injuries in adolescents, Sports Symposium, San Jose, Costa Rica.

Downes, JW (2002). Integrated Extremity Management, Texas Chiropractic College, Homecoming

Downes, JW (2001). Proprioceptive Deficit, subluxations, and athletic performance, USSCF-FICS, Scottsdale, AZ, May 5.

Downes, JW (2001). Sports Chiropractic, Georgia Games ceu program, Marietta, GA, July 28.

Downes, JW, Lander JE (1999). Spine and extremities in sports activities: strength and safety. 7th ICA symposium on Natural Fitness, Columbus, OH, March 6. (presentation)


Georgia Certified Court Reporters Association Convention – Ergonomics and Performance for the Court Reporter

UCR School of Physical Education Symposium, San Jose, Costa Rica – The Effects of Chiropractic on Athletic Performance

Korean Chiropractic Association Lower Extremity Technique Seminar

Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, PA Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Focus On Pain Series – Analysis of Lower Extremity Biomechanisms and Their Effect of Back Pain and Biomechanisms of Lower Extremity and Precipitators of Low Back Pain

WFC’s 7th Biennial Congress, Orlando, FL – Upper Extremity Workshop

Texas Chiropractic College – Injury Patterns in Tennis, Etiology and Management and CCME, Multidisciplinary Approaches to Low Back and Pelvic Pain

European Conference- Dublin, Ireland – Hyperpronation and Reciprocal Limb Syndrome as Precipitators of Low Back and Pelvic Pain


Global Extremity Assessment
PCC – Port Orange
Davenport, IA PCC
Hartford, CT CCA
Denver, CO CCA
Atlanta, GA LU
Atlanta, GA LU
Lombard, Il NUHS

Lower Extremity
Dublin, Ireland
Atlanta, GA
Solihull, England

TMJ, Ribs, Shoulder Girdle
Atlanta, GA LU
Solihull, England
Atlanta, GA

Courses Taught
Life University

College of Chiropractic
ANLS 1201- Motion palpation
CLIN 2301, 3102, 5104 Proficiency classes
TECH 2106- Toggle / Kale
TECH 5214- Extremities

College of Arts and Sciences
MSHS 657- Arthrokinematics and Proprioception of the Lower Extremity
MSHS 658- Arthrokinematics and Proprioception of the Upper Extremity
MSHS 541- Physiological therapeutics – physical modalities / passive care
MSHS 543- Physiological therapeutics- rehabilitation strategies / active care
MSHS 545- Rehabilitation and physiological therapeutics practicum
MSHS 684- Sports symposium

Council on Extremity Adjusting
Upper Extremity, TMJ and Ribs
Advanced Upper Extremity
Advanced Lower Extremity
Bracing, taping and stabilization
Global Extremity Assessment