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The PFL Method™ is designed to identify the underlying causes of joint pain, muscle spasm and muscle weakness.

Focus is on reconditioning your entire movement system rather than just rehabilitating the area of pain and injury.  The goal is to restore pain free movement and stability in the spine, joints and muscles.

An active care program integrating chiropractic, manual therapy and functional conditioning in a progressive manner; the therapy program is unique to your condition.

A progressive functional reconditioning program designed to improve flexibility, core, balance and functional strength. The goal is to retrain healthy movement patterns, improve performance and enhance your resistance to injury.

What you can expect from your PFLM certified provider:

  • Comprehensive PFLM exam which includes a comprehensive analysis of your posture, spine, soft tissue and nervous system.
  • The goal is to identify the underlying causes of instability and poor movement patterns in your body.
  • A specific program developed to correct spinal misalignments, restore flexibility, recondition the core and improve balance and strength.  The goal is to recondition your movement system by removing the primary causes of weakness and instability.
  • The treatment program is unique to the exam findings and designed to integrate the following:  Chiropractic adjustments, manual therapy, flexibility training, core reconditioning, balance reconditioning and strength training.

The PFL Method™ is a revolutionary evidence based program that integrates chiropractic, manual therapy, and functional conditioning in a structured progressive program specific to your needs. The PFL Method™ is designed to produce long lasting results in the most efficient, cost effective manner.


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